10 Creative Ways to Remember Concentration in D&D

Tired of accidentally breaking concentration during your intense Dungeons & Dragons sessions? Fear not! In this article, we present ten creative and immersive ways to help you remember when you’re concentrating in D&D.

From wearing a designated “concentration hat” to using a flickering electric candle, these visual reminders will enhance your gameplay and keep you focused on maintaining those crucial spells and abilities. Plus a lot of them are really fun.

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Time to Concentrate

This is a topic I’ve seen addressed many times. It’s come up at my own table plenty; I know I often forget when one of my players are concentrating on one of their active spells. Life goes on.

Ginny Di mentioned the struggle to remember concentration spells during D&D combat on Instagram the other day, and I felt inspired. Why not extend the list of ideas a bit? Lots of people have come up with interesting ways to remember they’re actively concentrating. Here’s a concise list and some helpful supply links, if you’re interested.

Also, if you’ve been living in Skullport and haven’t enjoyed Ginny Di’s charming, whimsical content, I highly suggest you check out her YouTube channel.

Let’s get started!

Wear a D&D Concentration Hat

Literally placing a hat on your head when concentrating in character gives you a physical way to remember you’ve got something going on in your headspace in your game. If you forget you’re wearing it, the other players can help you remember since it’s easily visible to them as well.

Need a fun hat idea? Any would work, but if you want to make it something a bit more interesting, check out this Butterfly Headband on Amazon. There are tons of varieties and colors to choose from, and a headband is easy to take on and off quickly. If you want something more serious, take a look at this soft, medieval-inspired beret.

Also, this feather headdress is not to be missed.

Bejewel Yourself

Similar to the hat method, don something obvious to remind yourself and others that you’re currently concentrating. Whether it’s a beautiful piece of costume jewelry you may otherwise never get to wear, or a gawdy ring you love, placing a prop on yourself can help trigger your memory as the rounds pass.

Light a Concentration Candle

Like being dramatic? Light a real candle with real fire. They do also sell the electric kind if that’s more your style. If you’re interested and need something without scent, this Lord of the Rings candle UNBELIEVABLY has “The One Ring” embedded in the wax…. But if that’s too dangerous for you or you prefer a scented variety, Homesick sells an Endor-scented candle, as well as several other Star Wars-themed options.

I also suggested these candles in my recent Star Wars Gaming Accessories article, if you haven’t checked that out yet.

Turn on a Light

A lamp or other small object that lights up is similar to the candle concept. If you have an extra floor lamp in the room that’s not usually in use, simply click it on when you start a concentration spell. As long as it’s within your sight, it should help.

I would also suggest this egg-shaped light. Since it has rainbow color functionality, you could even color-code what the different colors mean for other conditions, too. Maybe complicated, but also fun.

You can also buy tiny lightsabers that are intended to be used as chopsticks, but can easily lie in front of your character sheet or dice as a reminder. They light up. You’re welcome.

Switch Pens

Have a specific pen or pencil you typically use? Switch to a weird one that feels atypical to remind you that you’re concentrating. This could also be as simple as adding a giant eraser or decoration to your current utensil of choice, as well.

Check out this Giant Pencil Three Pack. You can even share with two of your group members, if you’re feeling generous.

Flip Something Over

A coin, your character sheet, and empty cup…. There’s loads of cheap-as-free options here to utilize if you need an easy reminder. If you’re wanting something a bit flashier, take a look at this giant novelty penny or this YES/NO coin.

Rose-Colored Glasses

See the world a little differently through colored glasses to help you visualize your concentration, literally. Even if you get used to seeing through tinted lenses, your party members will be able to help you remember, too. Here’s a pack big enough to give everyone a pair in a different color. Plus, they’re triangular which makes them extra cool, right?

Fly a Concentration Flag

Pick up or make a little concentration flag. When you’re concentrating, raise the flag to alert yourself and your teammates. When you’re no longer concentrating, lower the flag back down. You could get fancy with a stand, or you could just jam it into a notebook spiral or prop it up against something.

If you’re the crafty type and have access to a Cricut, check out my free crafting file for you to use here. It’s very simple and quick to make. You’ll just need a wooden dowel to attach it to. No dowel? Here’s a standee version, instead. And remember: Every time we use our Cricut, it’s a great opportunity to use washi tape, too.

If you haven’t yet joined the dark side and drowned yourself in a ridiculous supply of washi tape, allow me to introduce you to the starter set that brought me to where I am today….

D&D concentration is easy to forget about. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just pick a trick or two to help you remember going forward.

Use a Miniature

You could use a duplicate miniature of your own character, an extra mini lying around, or anything, really. If you have a little stand or plinth to put it on right in your line of sight, it should help you remember that you’re concentrating on a spell.

If you’re lacking in miniatures, I suggest you get into 3D printing. But that does have a pretty high buy in for cost, time, and space. If you’re needing a bunch of minis without wanting to print them, there’s an economically minded set available here you can take a look at.

Your Dungeons & Dragons sessions don't need to be all about remembering minutiae. That's what notes and helpful tricks are for.

Concentration Sticky Note: Front and Center

An easy, low-to-no cost option is to simply use a sticky note and put it somewhere a little inconvenient. Maybe even go that extra mile and write “CONCENTRATING” on it. You’ll want it somewhere right in the way so won’t accidentally forget about it. That’s sort of the whole point.

Want a fun alternate to the usual yellow, square variety? Here’s a link to some cute animal options on Amazon.

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Closing Thoughts

If you’re able to remember concentration, number of rounds for events, conditions, etc., consider yourself amongst the lucky few. For the rest of us, these little tricks can be pretty handy. My favorite is probably the candle, because I’m just dramatic like that. Which method is your favorite? Do you have a different way you like to remember concentration? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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Love, Malice. I hope you enjoyed the article! I'm here if you have any questions. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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