Let This Adorable Displacer Beast Merchandise Snuggle Into Your Heart

We searched high and low and found all the best displacer beast merchandise available. Are you ready for all the vicious cuteness?

Take a look at what we found below.

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Displacer Beast Merchandise

These mesmerizing felines have sparked a frenzy of delightful merchandise that’s bound to make any adventurer’s heart skip a beat. From irresistibly cute plushies that you’ll want to snuggle up with during a long rest, to playful figurines capturing their mischievous nature, displacer beast merch is a treasure trove of fantastical fun.

Get ready to squeal with delight as we dive into a treasure trove of displacer beast goodies.

Smiling Displacer Beast Plush

This plush is the officially licensed toy from the movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. It’s a WizKids 7″ Phunny Plush and I’m in love with its collar. You can find it waiting for you here.

If you’d rather have this vicious little killer as a travel companion, it also comes as a smaller, 3-inch keychain.

Displacer Beast Tee Shirts

We found a few good options in this category. Check them out below and see if any inspire you!

I put this one first because it’s my favorite of all the tee shirt designs. I love the tentacles and tail weaving through the text along with the creature’s alignment printed below. Check it out on Amazon here.

If you’re into more of a techy-look, this image places a displacer beast within a glitch graphic. Take a closer look here.

This monster tee references Dirlagraun, the aged displacer beast that traveled across the planes of existence with the Witchlight Carnival. If you’ve played that adventure, you’ll remember meeting this carnival helper right at the beginning of the story. Check out the tee on Amazon here.

If you haven’t played Wild Beyond the Witchlight yet and you’re interested in this colorful adventure module from Wizards of the Coast, you can take a look at it here.

If you’re more of a white tee person, here’s an option for you. I love the sketched look of the displacer beast with the bright red Dungeons & Dragons logotype above. You can find it here.

Displacer Beast Hoodie

Displacer beast merchandise can be a fun addition to your D&D collection.

Some unlucky adventurer lost an arm, still holding their sword. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of their body, either. Here’s the link on Amazon for the hoodie, and if you prefer, this design is also available on a tee shirt, and even on a baseball ringer tee.

Adorable Baby Displacer Beast Sticker

This baby displacer beast sticker is a super cute and would be great for a laptop or water bottle.

This sticker takes the vicious tentacles and intimidating snarl of a displacer beast and turns them into the cutest little killer we’ve ever seen. Here’s the link on Amazon.

Green Cat Eye Dice

The official name for these claim the eyes belong to a beholder, but I think these look like cat eyes. I love the bright green color and sharp edges. I particularly like that the eye is oriented to stare up at you when you land on certain numbers. Take a closer look to see if you like them here.

Displacer Beast Miniature

If you’re in need of a displacer beast miniature, we found one of those, too. Take a look at this monster mini, posed as though mid-attack.

Baby Monster Minis

This set of resin miniatures comes with eight adorable monster babies. The displacer beast is amongst good company with an owlbear, griffon, and even a tarrasque, though I imagine those are a bit larger as babies. You can see what you think of the set here.

If you need some ideas for coming up with interesting combat encounters, make sure you check our article on that. We also have some help available if you’re struggling a bit with combat tactics. You can take a look at that here.

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Closing Thoughts

In the wondrous world of Dungeons & Dragons, the displacer beast reigns supreme in the realm of cuteness! These fantastical creatures have sparked a whirlwind of whimsical merchandise. From fuzzy plushies that are just begging for snuggles to playful figurines capturing their mischievous nature, the cuteness overload is irresistible.

Do you have a monster you’d like to see a merchandise showcase for? Let us know in the comments below.

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