Star Wars Gaming Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Check out these intergalactic Star Wars gaming accessories for your next gaming session. Gear up, embrace the Force, and let your imagination soar as you conquer the table and leave no doubt that your adventures are truly out of this world.

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Star Wars Themed Gaming & Room Accessories

It’s time to show everyone in the galaxy that you have the coolest accessories. Command the attention of fellow adventurers and transcend ordinary nerd boundaries with the fun new grown-up toys below.

Grogu “Space Baby” Dice

These Grogu dice, which are hilariously called Space Baby Dice, are available from Dark Elf Dice. I love the neon green acid pit the space baby is standing in. (Use the code: MALICEINNANDTAVERN to get 10% off!)

Galactic Dice

Galactic Dice from Dark Elf Dice. I love the bright blue and yellow contrast on these. Don’t forget your 10% off code: MALICEINNANDTAVERN

Deep Space Dice

Sharp Edge Inclusion Dice in Deep Space from Dark Elf Dice. I love this line. I have Heartbreaker and Dissonant Scream, and they are amongst my favorite dice. I love how shiny the inclusions are. They’re very eye-catching.

Lightsaber Pencils

Lightsaber Pencils from Amazon. You’ll feel strong with the Force when you’re taking your notes with these.

Grogu Multi-Compartment Bag

Grogu lunchbox from Amazon. I think this would actually make a great Dungeons & Dragons bag. There are loads of different compartments, and if you want to throw some food in there, it works for that, too. It even comes with a couple of sauce containers that look to me like they’d fit minis nicely. I haven’t tested this, though.

Grogu Mini Bag Set

Grogu two bag set from Amazon. Dice bag, pencil bag, miniatures bag, lucky charm bag… the list goes on.

Velvet Galaxy Dice Bag

Velvet Dice Bag With Pockets. This is one of those foldy, fabric engineering marvels. It holds a lot of dice. This is also from Dark Elf Dice, so enjoy a 10% discount with the code: MALICEINNANDTAVERN.

Tattooine-Scented Candle

This candle from Amazon, created by Homesick, is scented to remind you of Tattooine. The company also makes versions for Endor and the Death Star, in case you prefer those locations. They are wildly unique and would make an excellent housewarming gift.

Star and Nebula Projector

Any gaming space will feel truly intergalactic with magical stars and nebula projected on the walls or ceiling. I have a star projector and love it.

This egg-shaped star projector from Amazon looks like a cracked dinosaur egg, and has the ability to not only project the heavens onto your ceiling, but also make soothing sounds. I like the ability to turn the nebula on or off with the remote.

Star Projector, Version 2

If Aurora Borealis-style patterns are more your style, you may prefer this projector instead. It has a Bluetooth speaker and a picture of a couple making out in the overview, so you know it must be awesome. Seriously though, it’s a cool-looking light.

Star Wars Stress Balls

A Death Star, BB-8, and R2-D2 stress ball set from Amazon, for when your dice just won’t quit failing you. Or the Game Master starts smiling.

Star Wars Stickers

Star Wars Stickers (50 Count) from Amazon. At only $6, this is a great value. What ISN’T getting a sticker at that point? Plus, it has free Prime shipping. (Try Prime free for 30 days here if you’re not signed up for it.)

A variety of Star Wars gaming accessories are available, even if playing alongside Darth Vader is not.

Even if we can’t game with Darth Vader in real life (and would we really want to?), at least we can gear up to *feel* like we’re ready for intergalactic adventure.

If you’re looking to run a sci-fi themed campaign or something a little different from traditional fantasy, take a look at our rundown of player favorites on DriveThruRPG. One even plays without a Game Master.

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Closing Thoughts

Star Wars gaming accessories give us a way to proclaim our allegiance and celebrate our beloved franchise. Whether you’re enjoying a sci-fi themed game now or not, picking up a few fun accessories can really spice up a gaming session. So choose your lightsaber (or blaster,) and may the dice roll ever in your favor as you delve into the universe. May the Force be with you.

Have you found a spacey accessory you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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